Program Co-Creators  

Sherri Brown, CCEP, RACE, EMM, is a faculty member at the Institute of Core Energetics and previously co-facilitated the Nyack Living Core program. She operates a full-time practice in NYC, working with individuals, couples, and facilitating group process.  Sherri’s work is primarily concerned with helping people to live the fullest expression of themselves, assisting her clients to step into the power that comes from knowing their purpose.  Sherri’s training came as an inaugural graduate of the Radical Aliveness Core Energetics Institute of California and she is now on their faculty as well. 

Jim Johnston, CCEP, is on the faculty at the Institute of Core Energetics, has served on the faculty of New York Living Core, Nyack Living Core, and is a co-founder of Corevolution Program in New York City. He has a private practice in Manhattan working with individuals, couples, and he leads process groups in the city and at the institute. Core Energetics had a profound effect on his personal process leading him to leave an almost 30-year career in another field to be a Core Energetics Practitioner. He is passionate about building community and co-creating space with his clients to heal and move into a richer, more fulfilling life.

Andrea Martin, MST, CCEP, is a certified Core Energetics practitioner with a private practice in NYC. She has been a student in the Vipassana Buddhist tradition since 1989, with many periods of long-term practice, and uses mindfulness-based principles in all of her work. Andrea’s earlier career training was in education and culinary arts. She is a master educator and worked as a chef consultant for more than a decade. As co-founder of Cook for America®, she funneled her interest in social justice into advancing school lunch reform nationally. Prior to her consulting work, Andrea spent six years as a New York City high school teacher for at-risk youth. She holds a B.A. from Amherst College, and M.S.T. from the New School, and an A.O.S. from the Culinary Institute of America where she graduated first in her class. She is also the mother of a 16-year old rescue dog who brings her endless amounts of happiness. 


Sam Cagnina, CCEP, is an award winning healer for 25 years and has been recognized in Best of New York Magazine, Best of Time Out Magazine and Paper Magazine for his powerful approach for working with the body. Sam is a CCEP and TRE provider as well as a teacher in the Corevolution program. Sam is a faculty member at the Institute of Core Energetics and has a private practice working with mind/body/spirit consciousness in New York City. His depth of understanding of how to gain self-awareness and navigating emotion are exceptional.

Ann Marie is a recent graduate of the four year Core Energetics Practitioner Training Program. She describes her personal journey in the work as "very deep, profound, and life changing beyond what I could have imagined for myself.” In addition to seeing clients in her Core practice, Ann Marie enjoys her first profession of accounting and personal home and business organizing. She loves volunteering in Ministry work and spending time with and nourishing the homeless. She believes in helping others to reclaim their joy, dreams, and infinite possibilities of hope. She is an early riser, always enjoying the stillness of the morning for daily devotional practice and time with God. She loves working out, long walks with her family and two dogs, cooking, entertaining, spending time with family and friends, and photography.

A recent graduate of the Institute of Core Energetics Practitioner Training Program, Harold is fiercely committed to his awakening and growth and to supporting others on their own journey.  He also has a long standing commitment to helping marginalized individuals in society, having worked for almost 40 years as a Public Defender.   He enjoys writing poetry, viewing it as a spiritual practice, dances most Friday nights in an improvisational dance workshop, hikes, and frequently returns to France where he once studied as a college student. He is also the very proud father of four grown children and a doting grandfather.