Program Co-Creators  

Sherri Brown, CCEP, RACE, EMM, is a faculty member at the Institute of Core Energetics and previously co-facilitated the Nyack Living Core program. She operates a full-time practice in NYC, working with individuals, couples, and facilitating group process.  Sherri’s work is primarily concerned with helping people to live the fullest expression of themselves, assisting her clients to step into the power that comes from knowing their purpose.  Sherri’s training came as an inaugural graduate of the Radical Aliveness Core Energetics Institute of California and she is now on their faculty as well. 

Andrea Martin, MST, CCEP, CPRA, is a certified Core Energetics and Radical Aliveness practitioner with a private practice in NYC. She has been a student in the Vipassana Buddhist tradition since 1989, with many periods of long-term practice, and uses mindfulness-based principles in all of her work. Andrea’s earlier career training was in education and culinary arts. She is a master educator and worked as a chef consultant for more than a decade. As co-founder of Cook for America®, she funneled her interest in social justice into advancing school lunch reform nationally. Prior to her consulting work, Andrea spent six years as a New York City high school teacher for at-risk youth. She holds a B.A. from Amherst College, and M.S.T. from the New School, and an A.O.S. from the Culinary Institute of America where she graduated first in her class.



Sanjay Evran, is a Bioenergetics practitioner and Radical Aliveness Institute graduate. He is passionate about helping people be authentically themselves and re-claiming their full energy and aliveness. He specializes in working with the mind-body connection and he strongly believes that when we own and express our feelings, we come into deep contact with ourselves and the whole world. He lives in Toronto, Canada and runs a practice there offering individual and group sessions.


Leba Haber is a Radical Aliveness practitioner. She has a private practice and co-facilitates a group for new parents. Leba has been an activist, educator and part-time professor. She believes body-centered work lends itself to “community medicine,” and connects this work to both personal transformation and social justice, She is excited to bring cultural complexity and ancestral work into her practice. Leba is a global traveler and the mother of a magical toddler.